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Care Guide

You love your suit - now keep it looking good as new! Swimwear has a high spandex content which requires more care and attention than your average clothing. You should use specially formulated detergent and take special care when washing and drying. We have shared some tips below.

Wash by hand
Don’t just throw it in the wash! Hand washing is best for your fine swimwear and machine washing is actually very detrimental to the longevity of your suit. A bucket or plastic bin with cool to warm water works wonders. 

Use gentle detergent
We recommend the Laundress detergents and accessories - they are the true pros and have formulations specially designed for swimwear and other delicate fabrics.

For your more delicate purchases, use a gentle detergent designed for delicates (lingerie, hosiery, cashmere, etc.). Your suits will thank you for the special treatment by lasting a long time.

For suits used for sportier purposes (swimming, surfing, etc.), you may consider using sport detergent  which targets sweat and sunscreen stains. Just as for a more delicate suit you should treat it gently. Stubborn stains or marks can be treated with a stain bar.

Dry carefully
Roll up to squeeze out water and dry flat, preferably in a shady area. Do not wring out your swimsuit, since this increases potential to stretch out or otherwise damage the fabric. 

Watch where you sit
Be wary of sitting on rough surfaces, since this can cause pilling or ribbing to the delicate fabric. Also take care with jewelry or other sharp objects that may catch. 

Transport in style (and safety)
Most swimsuits come with a bikini bag for transport and storage. Use this designated pouch to keep your suit clean and to keep the straps and accessories in check. Many of these bags can also be used as “wet bikini bags” to keep your suit from getting the rest of your bag’s contents wet.